Hyperplay 2018 was the first-ever esports and music festival happening in Southeast Asia. It aims to bring esports (specifically Riot Games’ League of Legends) into the public consciousness by merging it with pop culture phenomena that is music. The event was to take place on 4-5 August 2018, with the youth-targeted marketing campaign beginning in April.

There is a stereotype towards esports as a whole by the general public. While it does have a following and community in Singapore, the general perception towards esports is a rather dismissive one - that games are a waste of time. This perception, coupled with the lack of systemic and institutional support , causes esports to not only be seen as a non-viable career option, but also an unpopular spectator sport.

Marketing efforts done by brands and marketers also tend to be targeted towards the existing community, causing the esports community to remain one that is niche and insular. Based on the insight garnered and objectives set out, we crafted a key narrative to drive our campaign on all fronts. Leveraging on the history-making nature of Hyperplay as the inaugural music and esports festival in the region, the driving narrative “WitnessHistoryAtPlay” was born, to place emphasis on the historical nature of the event and the gaming aspect of it. We invite people to be a part of something new, something bigger than themselves, to make history.

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