Grab Singapore: GrabShare Launch

We launched GrabShare with Grab in 2016, by introducing the campaign #DontSayNeverShare and unleashing a fleet of 50 cars on a weekend all over Singapore. #DontSayNeverShare sees Grab taking up the local mantle for the first time, differentiating itself from Uber as we realized that localization is Grab’s biggest edge over a one size fits all approach that Uber was taking. We used that opportunity to launch ideas like #GrabShareKakis, GrabShare KangTaos to educate the sharing etiquette, back when sharing a ride with a stranger was a completely foreign concept. On the launch day itself, we activated 50 influencers and content creators, all thought leaders and specialists in their own field, as surprise passengers to impart and share something with our audiences who book a Grabshare ride on that day – all in the span on one ride. The message that we are trying to put across? You will never know what you may get out of your ride by opening up to your fellow passenger so #DontSayNeverShare!

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