AIA X David Beckham.

AIA realizes that when it comes to health - it’s not the what, nor the how but the WHY that counts. With that said, AIA launches its global directive, #WhatsYourWhy - featuring its global ambassador, David Beckham to further push the boundaries of the AIA Vitality proposition. AIA Singapore wants to capitalize on this opportunity to translate these efforts on social. However, it also has its local directive of “Be Life Confident” running at the same time. The agency has to thus come up with a comprehensive content plan to push out #WhatYoursWhy, and link it up with its local message seamlessly.

As every market competed to welcome and announce David Beckham as its global ambassador, there was a real need to stand out. As AIA’s AOR agency, there was a need to not only help Singaporeans understand why David Beckham was selected as AIA’s global ambassador, but we had to create a compelling format to introduce him as we reinforce the brand’s mission. Realising that David Beckham is a hugely fussy eater, we sought to impress him with our local delicacies cooked with a healthy twist. A nationwide call-out ensued for the best amateur and home cooks to whip up our best representation of a Singaporean dish.

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