It’s more important than ever to create a myriad of content IPs. As social grows to becoming everyone’s main mode of browsing entertainment, it’s exceptionally important to layer brand engagement with branded entertainment and stories. The pandemic is a reminder that it’s extremely important that every brand has varying online assets. Ads alone may not be the answer and it’s really thinking about how you can create a multitude of online engagement touch-points.Through these touch-points, we are then able to link/redirect audiences to AIA’s messages and product offerings. In this way, we are creating a whole web of engagement redirections, which would be important as we move forward into the future of brand engagement.

That brings us to creating our very first AIA Orginals series. Think our very own Netflix, but we have full control over the content. As the insurance landscape increasingly needs to drop the stigma and stereotype of insurance – humanizing the brand and brand storytelling is going to be increasingly important. With that, we launched two content series: First, a reality series which aims to shed light on the stories that insurance agents have. In front of a camera, agents may be stiff and rigid. But over a hearty meal, agents become the best storytellers and we aim to bring that best side out of them through A Slice of Life. Second, a edutaining talkshow: Assure, Insure, Are You Sure – that touches on hot button issues and taboo topics surrounding your health and wealth.

AIA X David Beckham.