AIA Glow Festival.

For years, AIA Singapore has been bringing the most exciting active lifestyle events to Singaporeans. Together with long-time event partners, Exceed Sports & Entertainment, Glow Festival was introduced to further elevate AIA’s brand mission of enabling people to lead healthier, longer, better lives. Bringing together a full spectrum of wellness through yoga, music, food and run, Glow Festival was AIA’s bid to continue to get working professionals and families maintain an active lifestyle amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Brimming with excitement and potential, the initial positioning was set. The World’s Most Energizing Wellness Festival. Only, people didn’t know what that meant.

As Glow Festival’s appointed marketing and branding agency, our main challenge was precisely this. How do we help people understand what to expect from a wellness festival, much less to buy a ticket? Wellness has a strong association to yoga, and we have enough yoga festivals to go about in Singapore. What has been communicated is the “what” of the festival. This competes with other assets under AIA (E.g. FitnessFest by AIA, AIA Family Fest) and similar products like Yoga Fest and Soulscape. How can we differentiate Glow Festival from these offerings? We needed the “why”. We needed a different sell.

There’s a massive need/want in Singaporeans to want to de-stress, relax, break away from the hectic lifestyles that they lead. We don’t need another heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing festival – we have that all year round. What we are lacking in Singapore is a festival that allows us to pause, learn how to relax and take a breather for us to be able to better go back and cope with what we do. Rather than looking at yoga, music, food and run as 4 separate components that we have to sell to push this festival, why not look at these 4 things as a means to what Glow Festival can embody and represent – the Ultimate Festival to Unwind.

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